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Taarof dans la culture iranienne est pour vous respecter. taarof iran est pour montrer votre passion et les sentiments et votre amour aux autres Taarof or Tarof (Persian: تعارف ‎) is a Persian word which refers to an Iranian form of civility or art of etiquette that emphasizes both deference and social rank.. Taarof is a ritual politeness that levels the playing field and promotes equality in a hierarchical culture. Taarof between friends, or a host and guest, emphasizes the value of friendship as a priority to everything else.

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Le taarof est une forme de politesse exagérée utilisée comme preuve de respect qui influencent énormément les comportements sociaux en Iran. Le problème, c'est que lorsque l'on ne connaît pas bien ce concept, le taarof peut vous mettre dans des situations délicates. Les iraniens peuvent parfois vous inviter, vous complimenter, vous offrir des choses sans [ Iran :bedone taarof with Ruhollah Zam ایران - بدون تعارف با روح الله زم WATCH MORE https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list. Taarof; Iranian Respect Ethnic; Iran Ethnic ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Comments. First Name. Last Name. Email. Comment. Send. In TasteIran, we are trying to help visitors from all over the world to find the best and most unique experiences in Iran. If you want to travel to Iran, we stand for finding and selecting the best Iran tours and Iran experiences by local providers and guides considering. Taarof examples No 2: You are visiting a site and a typical Iranian tourist-lover sees you. After talking to you and asking you a lot of questions, he or she starts to Taarof and wants you to go home with them to have lunch! This might not be a real Taarof in some cases, but mostly this is a Taarof

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He explains taarof as fighting for the lower hand, but in an exquisitely elegant way, making it possible, in a hierarchical society like Iran's, for people to paradoxically deal with each other as equals. You should grow up in Persian culture to fully understand Taarof taarof iran; Taarof. Le seul phénomène culturel, auquel vous ne pouvez tout simplement pas échapper lorsque vous parlez avec des Iraniens, est le Taarof, l'art de l'étiquette iranien. Si vous naviguez mal, vous risquez de vous sentir incroyablement confus et de contrarier tous les Iraniens dans un rayon de 15 km. Taarof iran peut prendre de nombreuses formes, [...] 15 Oct. Posted By.

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12 things you should know before you visit Iran - Duration: 8:58. David Bakker Recommended for you with Chai and Conversation- About Tarof (Taarof), an Iranian tradition - Duration: 6:52. Despite current tensions with Iran, the demand for Iran cultural awareness training continues to surge and, as the senior Iran cultural trainer, I spend a lot of time helping businesses understand the nuances of Iranian culture.. One topic that attendees always struggle with, is the cultural concept 'ta'rof'.It's essential that anyone travelling to Iran understands this principle in detail. Il est impossible de voyager en Iran sans s'intéresser à cette coutume fortement ancrée qu'est le Taarof. Il régit tous les aspects de la vie sociale et n'est pas sans rapport avec la réputation selon laquelle l'Iran serait une terre très hospitalière Taarof is a Mexican initiative that aims to promote a constructive and meaningful outlook of the Middle East and North of Africa. Society. Infográfico: Uso de Internet en Medio Oriente. July 2, 2020 Santeri Talka. Al nivel regional, el acceso a internet en mayores partes de Medio Oriente y Norte Read more. Infográfico: Urbanización en Medio Oriente. July 2, 2020. Importance of Ramadan to. Depuis quelques années, la chirurgie esthétique est en pleine expansion en Iran. Des injections de botox à la liposuccion en passant par la rhinoplastie, plus de 40.000 opérations seraient.

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Il s'agit là d'un principe de courtoisie courant en Iran, que l'on nomme le Taarof, le langage de la politesse iranienne. On ne vous offre pas vraiment votre course, ou votre repas, il s'agit d'une forme de politesse à laquelle vous devrez vous aussi vous plier et que vous rencontrerez dans tous un tas de situations. Si cela arrive par exemple au restaurant où votre hôte tient à. Taarof is much more strict and ritualized than the generic Western etiquette. If in Europe you extend rigid institutional respect to professors, some small token courtesies to acquaintances, and might even skip etiquette altogether in the company of friends or family, in Iran taarof is ubiquitous Continuer la lecture Voyager en Iran: se préparer au choc culturel et au Taarof Expérience insolite: à la rencontre des Bakhtiaris, derniers nomades d'Iran Post published: 12 juillet 201 L'Iran (en persan : ايران, Irân Écouter), en forme longue la république islamique d'Iran (en persan : جمهوری اسلامی ايراﻥ, Jomhuriye Eslâmiye Irân ou JEI Écouter), est un pays d'Asie de l'Ouest, historiquement appelé la Perse [3].Bordé au nord par la mer Caspienne, au sud-est par le golfe d'Oman et au sud par le golfe Persique, l'Iran partage des frontières. After a taxi ride or when it comes to pay the driver, they refuse to take your money and say: you are my guest, welcome to Iran! Probably Taarof. Like everywhere, when you take a taxi or buy something, you have to pay! Insist at least 3-4 times to make sure that they accept it. In the majority of cases, this is only a way to be polite.

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Taarof in Iran. Iranian people also greatly respect their elders. You can show respect to them by greeting them first. There are many other communication rules in Iran such as respecting guests and elder people, chatting about general things while greeting, no handshakes or touches with people who have opposite gender, kiss on cheeks as a greeting with people who have the same gender, etc. You. Taarof is an unwritten collection of a wide range of actions and verbal formulas that build up the Iranian etiquette. It is the Persian art of politeness or of civility Vous pouvez être la personne déclenchant le taarof, ou bien la personne en recevant un, auquel cas on attendra de vous d'y répondre parun tour de taarof bien entendu ! Les iraniens peuvent prolonger le Taarof jusqu'à différents niveaux , certains vont adorer y « jouer » toute la journée, certains s'arrêteront au second tour It is not a crude ethnic joke or slur to talk about taarof, but a cultural reality that Iranians say stems from centuries under foreign occupation. Whether it was the Arabs, the Mongols or the French and the British, foreign hegemony taught Iranians the value of hiding their true face

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Most of the foreigners who have already been in Iran or know Iranians, are known with the warm and kind welcome they receive from Iranian people. The excessive politeness and the art of treating your guests better than your own family. This is called Taarof Dans le cadre des conflits entre les États-Unis et l'Iran, le Taarof constitue l'un des grands terrains d'incompréhension culturelle entre les deux pays, les Americains étant plus directs et pragmatiques dans leurs relations, surtout professionnelles. Le chercheur en sciences sociales Kian Tajbakhsh affirme que dans l'Occident, 80% du langage est dénotatif alors qu'en Iran 80% du langage. Iranian Taarof. Home; Blog; Iranian Taarof; Filter by; Categories; Tags; Authors; Show all; All; Budget; Food; Internet Access; Iran Travel; Mah Card Customers; Money and Finance; News and Updates; People and Culture; All; 10 top beautiful places in Iran; 4G internet for Iran Travel; Are tourists safe in Iran? Ash Reshteh; Badab Soort springs ; Baghala Ghatogh; banknotes in Iran; best Iranian. Taarof in Iran. by David Hielkema | Dec 18, 2016. Josephine and I sat in our hotel room in Cappadocia, doing some research about Iran. We were about to go there in a few days. Josephine sent me a link about Taarof. Supposedly it is a big thing in Iran to offer something to someone without really meaning it. I vagusely read the article, not paying real attention to it. I still hear myself. Iran is a place where you would never be worried about accommodation, food and loneliness! Taking Hospitality to a Whole New Level. You might see random people who can not speak English but they do their best to sort out your confusion. While traveling around Iran,you will see people happily starting a chat with you or welcoming you. Therefor, the English word you will hear more than any other.

Taarof is one the main gestures of respect in Persian culture and hospitality. Iranians use it especially toward guests. So, it is better to know how it works. It is basically a form of civility and can be seen as false invitations and promising future services Taarof, in that sense, is a very special brand of negotiation technique at which Iranian nuclear negotiators have been particularly deft in their dealings with their Western counterparts. In other words, the letter is playing the game of taarof

Although most Islamic countries contain members of both sects, Iran and Iraq have the highest numbers of Shi'ites. Taarof (Iranian Politeness): Taarof is a system of politeness that includes both verbal and non-verbal communication. Iranians protest compliments and attempt to appear vulnerable in public Most celebrations in Iran are governed by the Zoroastrian faith which was the first religion in Iran until Iran was invaded by the Arabs in the 7th century. However modern day Iran has a majority of Shia Muslims and a number of Sunnis, Christians among people from other faiths. Iranian Culture - Iranian Etiquette & Manner

L'Iran fait partie des sociétés où les interactions sont fortement ritualisées notamment avec l'abondance des formules de politesse. C'est en effet, une politesse positive qui règne - c'est-à-dire, selon la définition donnée par Kerbrat Orecchioni (2002 : 12), une politesse qui « implique des incursions systématiques dans le territoire d'autrui (il s'agit de lui prodiguer. On day one in Iran we learned that taarof as explained in the article wasn't exaggerated at all. Off we went to Tabriz. Our couchsurfinghost accepted us, though he didn't like that we didn't show up on time without informing him. But seeing as we did not have internet, we experienced problems at the border and we stayed in a village longer than expected, it was kind of beyond our control. Sparkling Iran. Sparkling Iran. Sparkling Iran. Toggle Navigation. Français; English; Culture & LifeStyle; Art; Technologies; Miam miam; A propos; Sparkling Iran. Miam miam 4 aliments iraniens bizarresmais délicieux ! La cuisine iranienne est parfumée et savoureuse. Mais parfois, elle peut également paraître un peu »bizarre ».Voici 4 aliments iraniens qui auront de quoi surprendre. In its simplest sense, the Iranian tradition of etiquette known as taarof is a form of insincere abnegation: When offered a sweetmeat by your host, you say 'No' several times, in the safe.. Social interactions in Iran are dictated by a form of etiquette known as taarof : an elaborate, indirect manner of speech and behaviour. Layers of symbolism, verbosity and insincerity are intended to smooth over conflict, ease interactions, and keep certain truths buried

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  1. Interesting to know that Iranian hospitality is also seen in traditional architecture of Iran. Visit historical houses in Iran, and there is a special room for the guests. Amazingly, the room is larger and more ornate than private rooms, all to show the guest the best of their art and means of comfort. #2 Persian Hospitality On the Street: Taarof
  2. There are many cultural norms in Iran, one of the strangest to foreigners is Taarof, which governs rules of social interaction and hospitality
  3. Ne vous étonnez pas. Vous faites l'expérience du taarof, un mélange d'hospitalité, de courtoisie et de politesse à l'iranienne. Un code social si solidement ancré dans l'âme perse qu'il est préférable de l'assimiler pour profiter pleinement de son séjour

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C'est un principe de courtoisie courant en Iran, que l'on nomme le Taarof, le langage de la politesse iranienne. On ne vous offre pas vraiment votre course, ou votre repas, il s'agit d'une forme de politesse à laquelle vous devrez vous aussi vous plier et que vous rencontrerez dans quelques situations. Si cela arrive par exemple au restaurant où votre hôte tient à vous inviter. 26 mai 2018 - Découvrez le tableau Iran de redouin sur Pinterest. Voir plus d'idées sur le thème Iran, Voyage iran, Voyage A persian word for a custom that is ONLY applied in the Iranian culture. It is a way of denying your will to please your counterpart, however the will is only denied because of the custom and not to please the counterpart. But there are situations where tarof persist upon a request to make the counterpart genuinely satisfied. Tarof often causes misunderstandings between both parties and is a. Cette citation d'un illustre inconnu prend tous son sens avec l'Iran. Nous avions lu sur le guide ce que signifiait la règle du T'aarof. Et heureusement que nous en avons pris connaissance avant nos premiers pas dans le pays. Le T'aarof est le nom donné pour exprimer la courtoisie iranienne. C'est l'expression employée pour désigner l'art de la politesse au centre de la cult

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  1. Iran is a hierarchical society, and social hierarchy is marked linguistically by using vocabulary that emphasizes the higher status of the other person, while denigrating one's own status. Many common Persian verbs have corresponding other raising and self lowering forms. The system is very elaborate, and it is not possible to provide a comprehensive description here. William K.
  2. L'Iran est un pays qui marque l'esprit du voyageur qui le traverse. C'est un immense pays (presque 3 fois la France) aux paysages très diversifiés (montagnes, déserts, îles), aux trésors architecturaux et avec une population particulièrement chaleureuse.En effet les Iraniens ont cette gentillesse et cette curiosité naturelle qui vous met tout de suite très à l'aise
  3. Taarof. Iran Iranian Culture Travel Diary 7 Tales of Iranian Hospitality. Iran is a wonder in terms of sightseeing, but there's a reason that time and again, it's the people and their hospitality that take center stage. Whether it's a simple offer, 22 March 2020. Expressions and Idioms 8 Taarof Phrases to Sound Polite in Persian. Updated: 8 July 2019There's a Persian phrase that.
  4. Il y a de nombreuses normes culturelles en Iran. L'une des plus étranges pour les étrangers est Taarof, qui régit les règles d'interaction sociale et d'hospitalité
  5. isme en Iran ; Avortement en Iran, Planning familial en Iran; Révolution du football; Les femmes dans la culture iranienne ont toujours eu une place particulière. Le Zoroastrisme a fait de l'égalité des sexes un principe de base, et les.
  6. En Iran il faut vraiment que l'ouverture d'esprit et la confiance soient dans vos bagages ! *Je tiens tout de même à apporter une précision au sujet de cette politesse extrême qu'ont les iraniens; Vous en avez peut-être déjà entendu parler, il s'agit du taarof

Avec les personnes que vous ne connaissez pas, le taarof s'applique aussi. Supposez que vous voyagiez en Iran, ce que je vous conseille vivement et que je conseille encore plus au Président Donald Trump s'il veut vraiment apprendre le taarof, ce dont je doute pour le moment. Donc, vous prenez un taxi, vous arrivez à votre destination. plateau désertique du centre de l'Iran, il propose une analyse du taârof ÉTUDES & ESSAIS LHOMME180 / 2006,pp.115 à 138 Le code de politesse iranien (taârof) ou la fiction du lien social Anne-Sophie Vivier-Muresan. considéré dans sa globalité, afin de dégager lunité de sens se trouvant au fondement dune institution si polymorphe1. Pour cela, il savère dabord nécessaire de poser le. Il dresse un portrait neutre de la vie quotidienne en Iran en s'attardant sur certaines pratiques et réalités peu connues des occidentaux et donne ses impressions sur ce pays encore méconnu. Avec Roobens on a parlé de vie quotidienne, de Taarof et d'Alexandre de Grand. Si cet épisode vous a plu, criez le haut et fort ! L'Iran comprend également certaines îles situées dans le golfe Persique et Ottoman. La superficie totale de l'Iran est de 1,65 million de km 2. L'état est à la 17ème place dans le monde en termes de taille du territoire. La monnaie iranienne est la monnaie du rial. L'économie. Une grande partie de la zone iranienne est riche enfossiles. C'est du manganèse, du cuivre, du chrome, du.

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The practice is much stronger in Iran and among immigrants from that country than it is among their offspring born in America — though younger Iranian Americans are still expected to ta'arof. Ici, le sens de l'orientation constitue une qualité essentielle pour ne pas se perdre dans l'histoire millénaire de l'Iran, dans les codes du taarof (le célèbre système de politesse iranien), dans les beautés de la grammaire persane ou, plus prosaïquement, dans les couloirs du métro. Embarquez avec moi pour un pays fascinant, où vous apprendrez à ponctuer chaque journée par des. L'Iran promet à celui qui le souhaite un voyage éblouissant une découverte des mille et une façons de ressentir cette alchimie extraordinaire entre la nature, l'histoire, la culture et la poésie. Mais le plus beau trésor que le client-voyageur rencontre, c'est l'accueil des Iraniens : l'hospitalité est une caractéristique essentielle de la culture iranienne. Le regard de. Partie en mai 2017 en Iran, j'entends répondre ici à toutes les interrogations que je me posais avant mon départ : quel budget prévoir, comment s'habiller, se loger, se déplacer, etc Taarof is the underlying foundation of Iranian society. It's a complex system of politeness and deference in which a person never reveals their true feelings. It can be a tricky concept to grasp because it's likely something you haven't encountered in many other countries before. And you will definitely have to face off in the battle of taarof all throughout your stay in Iran any time.

i am reading a book about iran and the writer keeps mentionning people saying this really is not a taarof but she does not explain the word.what does i One of the most challenging cultural phenomenon in Iran that you will sure encounter on your stay in Iran, is Taarof. Taarof is an Iranian art of etiquette, a strong expression of respect that emphasizes both deference and social rank. Taarof is a key part of the Iranian culture. For tourists in Iran who are unfamiliar with Iranian culture and taarof, in particular, it could be explained as an.

For your travel to iran, what you should learn about Taarof is just offer the people who you want to give them a tip, more than three times so they will accept your tip. If they didn't accept then you should put the tip with pressure in their pocket, and they will return your favor with a big thank you and smile. Also never accept anything right away, let them ask you at least three times. This is Iran's unique and (at first) bewildering etiquette system. When you attempt to buy something, the vendor will generally tell you it's free - they will accept no money under any circumstances. They don't really mean it - your role as the buyer is to absolutely insist on paying. It may take two or three goes, but eventually your money is accepted IRAN. THE WALL OF KINDNESS. TAAROF AND PHILANTHROPY IN PERSIAN CULTURE Everyone knows of my obsession with Persia IRAN, something dating back to the time when we had some family connection to that land. As I grew up I became enchanted by its culture, literature, music and films and classic books. I am a Jew with strong connections with Israel and even my friends inside Iran do not wish me to.

Taarof makes actual travel to Iran rather smooth and comfortable as people really try to help you the best they can (as long as you have at least a small sense of what is too much, which you get fast). lllllll on June 10, 2015. That doesn't help the Iranians' lives! Other than getting more money injection by increase of niceness-seeker tourism, hahah. Joking, if it's like this and is not. In Iran 80 per cent is connotative.' Taarof guarantees that you will be offered food if you visit someone's house, but it also demands that you decline. By cycling through several rounds of offering and refusal, you and your host may eventually surmise the truth through the subtle particulars of your evasions. Perhaps they'd really like to feed you and will be insulted if you don't.

Iran Beyond a society of clichés. Menu Aller au contenu principal. Lifestyle; Yumi Time; Technologies; About; 31 août 2015 31 août 2015 shirinshirine. Rice, this one masterpiece ! 31 août 2015 31 août 2015 shirinshirine. You said « Taarof » ? Rechercher : Articles récents. Rice, this one masterpiece ! You said « Taarof » ? Commentaires récents Archives. août 2015; Catégories. Islamic Azad University, Abadan, Iran; Abstract . Taarof is among the most important components of Persian cultural identity, and is considered the backbone of Persian ritual politeness (Beeman. Iran's currency is the rial: 1 USD is equivalent to approximately 33,000 rial. Before you start wrapping your head around all those zeros, let's complicate matters a little further. Prices in Iran are hardly ever mentioned in rial, but in toman: One toman equals 10 rial. So if you're quoted 40,000 for an item, chances are the actual price will be 400,000 rial. It's safe to assume that. Given that politeness in Persian, as understood by native speakers, has a very strong normative aspect, Fraser's (1975) and Fraser & Nolen's (1981) formulation of a Conversational Contract (CC) among speakers has been adopted. According to th

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TAAROF or compliment Here you are,Mr this is a commonly taarof in Iran. In its simplest form, this taarof means politeness. Compared to most other societies, Iranian are very polite. Iranians address each other with great respect, consideration and regard. The guest always has the best place and frequently hears the TAAROF or compliment by the host for every things. An Iranian would. Iran :bedone taarof with Ruhollah Zam ایران - بدون تعارف با روح الله زم . youtu.be/ATiB2G... 0 comments. share. save hide report. 100% Upvoted. Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up. Sort by. best. View discussions in 1 other community. no comments yet. Be the first to share what you think! View entire discussion ( 0 comments) More posts from the ProIran.

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The cultural practice of Taarof is a cultural custom or cultural practice, almost exclusive to Iran. It is a Persian way to show friendly manners. For someone who is not familiar with this customary code of conduct, it might seem confusing at first and a bit stressful because you don't want to offend anyone -at least unnecessarily! It can go something like this: If you get a taxi. Périlleux pour les débutants, automatisme pour les plus entraînés, une chose est sûre: le taarof est un concept bien difficile à expliquer! Le «Taarof» ? De quoi parle-t-on? Le taarof est une forme très subtile de [] 0. Read More . Qui sommes-nous? Chaque fois que vous voyagez, pour quelque raison que ce soit, vous participez à un mouvement global; un mouvement qui a le pouvoir d

69 upvotes, 11 comments. Posted in the iran community Loving Iran. Loving family. Taarof . The core concept in Persian culture is called Tarof (or taarof). It is based upon acknowledgement of other people. It shows humbleness and respectfulness. For example, it is always polite to let others through a door before you, or say No, after you. The word to use in this scenario is 'shoma befarmayeen' (please go ahead). Another situation in. Taarof - quand «non» signifie «oui» January 12, 2018 By omid.shokoohi Un iranien est une personne qui pratique l'art du «Taarof» 6. Venir en Iran. Pour entrer en Iran, un VISA touristique est obligatoire. Le sésame de 30 jours s'obtient directement à l'aéroport pour 75 euros (edit de Septembre 2017) . Pour une arrivée par voie terrestre, il faudra vous y prendre à l'avance - voir cet article

Le « Taarof » désigne l l'Iran est l'exemple typique d'un pays culturellement riche, mais appauvri par l'image qui en est faite par les médias. Et ce n'est pas eux qui voyageront pour faire changer ces a-prioris. En effet, les iraniens ne sont autorisés à sortir du pays qu'après avoir effectués leur deux ans de service militaire obligatoires. Et pour ceux ayant passés. Another taarof-related phrase, this one can be used in many contexts, but it'll be most helpful to you when you want to hand someone money. Otherwise, you might hear it when someone offers you something or directs you—as if to say, go ahead

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Deux hommes se font des politesses à l'iranienne (le fameux taarof) devant l'ascenceur qui les emmène au parking. Une fois dans leur voiture, c'est un tout autre comportement qui les anime, celui de l'égoïste automobiliste iranien. Police 3rd infomercial 1996 from Amir M.Dehestani on Vimeo. Société, Videos | conduite, Iran, police, politesse, publicité, route, taarof. She'll insist that you take it, that she has no use for it, that it looks SO great on you- better than it ever did on her. I also know many Iranians who have lost something precious to a foreign guest who thought the taarof was sincere. My reaction in Iran when someone compliments something of mine is just to say thank you

Le ta'ârof, ou l'art (complexe) de la politesse à l

As a tourist, you may require mastering in the art of taarof in social situations, before traveling to Iran! You may see most Iranians use taarof in social situations, which is a kind of social behavior embedded in Iranian culture. However, 'taarof' can be misleading and land you in very sticky social situations. Shaking Hands . Shaking hands is common in Iran, too. In formal. Taarof et Étiquette (code) · Voir plus » Culture de l'Iran. Intérieur du palais Chehel Sotoun d'Ispahan La culture de l'Iran, vaste pays du sud-ouest de l'Asie, désigne d'abord les pratiques culturelles observables de ses habitants. Nouveau!!: Taarof et Culture de l'Iran · Voir plus » Fatima Adoum. Fatima Adoum est une actrice française. Visit Iran through Iran tour packages, Iran local tours, Iran classic tours, Iran family tours, Iran adventure tours, Persian food tours, Iran nomad tours, and taste real lives and traditions, and at the same time, have a positive impact on nature and society during your journey. TasteIran also provides Iran visa, Iran travel Insurance, Iran tourist card and book flights, buses, trains and. L'iran est un pays que nous attendions avec beaucoup d'impatience depuis la préparation de notre voyage. Et nous n'avons pas été déçus ! Tout au long de notre voyage nous avons été accueilli chaleureusement. Nous avons fait des rencontres qui resteront à jamais gravées dans nos mémoires. Nous sommes restés 25 jours en Iran. Chaque jour, une, voir plusieurs rencontres. Les iraniens. Taarof. A guide to Persian: To Greet and Introduce. Persian is the official language of multi lingual Iran and every Iranian speaks it beside his/her mother tongue. Even though Persian borrows 28 out of 32 letters from Arabic, it is totally different language in which even the letters are pronounced differently. This relatively simple language is very easy to grasp. The grammar is not really.

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Et enfin, le Taarof. Cette tradition historique en Iran, aujourd'hui est appliquée mais sans aucune conviction réelle, cela veut dire qu'à chaque échange, que ce soit service, matériel, alimentaire etc. il y aura toujours ce Taarof qui est signe d'abondance et de fierté. Le principe de tu es mon invité. Personnellement j'ai appliqué cette méthode radicale: man taarof nadaram (en. Taarof: Subscribe to TechRasa's mailing list. Taarof is a concept in the Iranian culture to show respect to one another. Indeed, it's about acknowledgement of other people who are in a same status. For instance, while you and your Iranian colleague want to open the door it would bring respect to the person who allows the other to step in first. Taarof plays a very important role in the. It is possible to ask someone not to t'aarof, but that raises new difficulties, since the request itself might be a devious type of taarof.</p><p>At times, taarof can lead to one performing a task that one does not want to perform. For instance, if one friend offers a ride to another friend only because they are being polite, they may become stuck in the situation if the friend agrees to get. Mar 28, 2018 - Ever wonder why your Iranian friends fight over who gets to pay to the bill? Or why taxi drivers and salesmen in Iran don't seem to want to accept money? Check out the explanation of the Iranian cultural concept of taarof and how it relates to money matters

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